Seized accounts of Van Lienden and his business partners raise suspicions –

Seized accounts of Van Lienden and his business partners raise suspicions –

The public prosecutor has seized the Dutch bank accounts of former directors of the Aid Troops Alliantie Foundation. A total of 11.5 million euros was seized. The criminal investigation into the establishment of Sywert van Lienden and the two business partners now focuses on embezzlement.

Research platform Follow the Money (FTM) has calculated that 9 million euros remains from the controversial deal about Van Lienden’s face masks with the government last year. His partners Bernd Damme and Camille van Gestel would both receive 5 million euros. In any case, Van Lienden transferred the money to a personal holding company, according to investigative journalists from FTM.

The trio gave the impression that they were trading and not making a profit.

The prosecution says that the seizure of 11.5 million euros was the first step. “We were able to immediately confiscate these bank accounts. An investigation is underway to find out where the remaining money is. It is also likely partially found in homes and other items. spokesman.

The court decided yesterday to suspend Van Lienden and the other two board memberships with immediate effect and to appoint a new interim board for the foundation.

Randstad Notification

The criminal investigation into the (former) board members of the Stichting Dochterstichting was started in February in response to the Randstad report last year. Employees of the employment agency did unpaid work for the foundation, assuming it was an ideal project.

Randstad’s lawyer, Peter Plasman, is positive about the steps taken by the Public Prosecution Service. “Money now remains in accounts and former administrators can no longer access it.” Plasman reiterates that Randstad is not interested in monetary compensation. “My client hopes a conviction for fraud in this criminal case will help the government get the money.”

Van Lienden told the NOS that he had not yet been informed by the Public Prosecution Service about the seizure and the extension of the criminal investigation. The prosecutor confirms this. The spokesperson: “Of course you cannot do this without seizing the accounts. Then the suspects can always deposit the money. We will let them know about this,” he says.

Source: NOS