The left condemned Libertarian lawmaker Ramiro Mara and his antipathetic movement in Inad.

The left condemned Libertarian lawmaker Ramiro Mara and his antipathetic movement in Inad.

The left condemned Libertarian lawmaker Ramiro Mara and his antipathetic movement in Inad.

He claims that they are going to “transgress the constitutional rights of the poor and the unemployed.”

Ramiro Mara, a libertarian legislator
Ramiro Mara, a libertarian legislator

MST left-wing leader Celeste Fiero and movement unemployment picker reviewer Monica Sule. Filed a complaint of discrimination today Buenos Aires Libertarian MP Ramiro Mara and his Argentine Anti-Picket Movement (MAPA) Before the National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi)The aim is to “fight against the attack on their rights.”

“These sectors, such as (Ramiro) Mara and (Javier) Miley, who present themselves as libertarians, are opposed to democratic freedoms, such as the right to protest, and so on. Their expressions and these new movements provoke violence and hatred“- Ferro said in a video posted on the social network Twitter.

Consulted ᲔᲠᲘMara did not go in circles: “Picketters are criminals, they should go to prison if we want to be a serious country. Inadi should be closedIs a collection of political turmoil for the persecution of opponents. “

For his part, Sule said: “In view of his statements – Marra- Who sends us to workThis is exactly one of the demands we have made on each of our mobilizations in our camps: the need for formal work and we have no response from either the government or the Ministry of Development. “Mr. Mara must make it clear that we are not a problem, we do not support homes with social programs, we work in an informal economy.”

The complaint is funded by Mariana Chiachio, of the Center for Human Rights at the Law Center. Among the detailed facts in the complaint received by Télam, the leaders noted that the Argentine Antipete movement, which Mara reports “He intends to obey the constitutional rights of a certain social group: the poor and the unemployed” picketers “” And they recalled that the picket line was adopted by the most vulnerable layers of society.

“This is a method of fighting to make visible what the government is trying to hide. It is a critical situation that millions of people are experiencing. In the face of the inability to stop production or services as active workers can, Streets or routes are closed to demand real work and a response from the state to guarantee basic rights“- they explained in the presentation.

On the other hand, they condemned that the movement “is not called an antipyret”, but specifically “Antipicketer “ And, in this regard, they warned that “this points not only to a certain form of struggle, but also to the people who are ultimately exercising their democratic and constitutional right to social protest.”

They also argued that MAPA was “as openly discriminatory as if it had arisen” Anti-Jewish, black or anti-LGBT + movement“.

Finally, they concluded that “from Mara’s own words and the proclamations of her Argentine antipyretic movement, it is clear that this is an organization whose essence is class hatred, because it stigmatizes and Promotes criminalization of the poor and unemployed social sector (sic)And especially against those who claim to be promoting constitutional rights that are human property. ”

Source: La Nacion