Old llamas make new shows for Videoland

Old llamas make new shows for Videoland

After the summer, episodes will appear on the streaming service of RTL. About fourteen years ago, the popular TV program with Ruben van der Meer, Tijl Beckand, Ruben Nicolai, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and presenter Patrick Lodiers disappeared from the tube.

Lamas played the show of the same name for BNN from 2004 to 2008. The comic improvisation show, which previously featured Arie Koomen and Sara Kroos, was a great success with the Gouden Televizier-Ring in 2006.

Artists formerly known as Llamas

On the tenth anniversary of 2014, a unique reunion episode was created. In 2017, the comedians returned with performances in the Ziggo Dome. Last year it was announced that Nicolai, Beckand, Van der Meer and Van Koningsbrugge would continue as Tafkal, or Artists formerly known as the Lama. This and next year they play several times on Dutch stages.

Source: RTL