Busy again at Schiphol but things are going well –

Busy again at Schiphol but things are going well –

Huge crowds are expected at Schiphol today and tomorrow. Schiphol asked airlines last Thursday to cancel flights to relieve the workload of staff. KLM will cancel at least 47 flights this weekend. Corendon and TUI airlines have shifted their flights.

According to journalist Beau Heimensen, there were people around 8 a.m. this morning, but everything seems to be going well: “The waiting time in departure hall 1 here is about half an hour. When the parking lots are full, people are startled when they come. They see a line hundreds of meters away, but further on the passengers are surprised and excited by how fast it goes.

Many passengers said: “It’s not that bad. Fortunately, it’s still going on,” he says.

Due to the corona pandemic, the airport is struggling with a staff shortage. The pandemic reduced thefts for two years, after which many employees lost their jobs. Not everyone came back. There are too many people this week with the May holiday.

“Don’t spread a permanent solution”

According to aviation expert Joris Melkert of TU Delft, surprising flights are not a permanent solution. “Of course it helps, but many people prefer to fly from Amsterdam,” he says in the newspaper. NOS Radio 1 News† “The attraction of Schiphol is of course the incredible number of direct connections to the rest of the world. You don’t get that so easily at other airports.”

For the time being, Schiphol is the only airport with little capacity to cope with crowds: “I have not yet seen this in the rest of the Netherlands or abroad. it flowed into the holidays, maybe there’s a catch-up effect, but if this continues, you’ll see it at other airports, because people left there too and were fired.”


ANVR, the travel agency association, is dissatisfied with Schiphol’s request to cancel flights. The international trade association IATA also called the decision ugly. “Passengers book flights weeks or months in advance,” an IATA spokesperson told ANP news agency. “Some will have to cancel their vacation plans. It’s not just about a ticket. It’s about the whole journey.”

Yesterday, ANVR director Frank advised the crowd at Oostdam airport:

Last weekend there were many people at Schiphol, partly due to an unexpected strike by KLM baggage handlers. As a result, dozens of flights had to be cancelled. There were hours of queues for passengers.

Source: NOS