Israel is looking for Palestinian attackers who killed the guard

Israel is looking for Palestinian attackers who killed the guard

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JERUSALEM – Israeli troops began hunting on the northwest coast on Saturday in search of Palestinian attackers who shot and killed a security guard at the entrance to a Jewish settlement.

With the death of a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank, the new offensive could intensify the tensions that have increased in the past two months. A series of Palestinian attacks on Israel and the West Bank have killed 15 Israelis, while Israeli security forces have killed at least 27 Palestinians in recent weeks.

A security guard was shot dead in a car by an aggressive couple late Friday night near Ariel, a major settlement in the West Bank, the military said. It is said that he saved his life by standing in front of the other guard who was next to the guard.

The military said Israeli forces set up checkpoints on Saturday and were looking for attackers in the area. He said he had arrested two suspected members of the Hamas militant group, but there was no indication that they were involved in the attack. Hamas praised the killing of the guard but did not claim responsibility for the shooting.

In another incident, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that on Saturday morning in the village of Azun, near the city of Kalkilia, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 27-year-old Palestinian. The military said they opened fire after a group of suspects dropped bombs on the soldiers.

Tensions have escalated in recent weeks with Palestinian attacks on Israeli cities, an Israeli military offensive in the northern West Bank from which some of the attackers came, and a recurring confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli police around Jerusalem’s most sensitive religious district.

The site includes the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, and more and more Palestinians go there to pray during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The hill complex is also the holiest site for Jews, nicknamed the Temple Mount as it is home to biblical temples.

It’s often a point of tension, and last year’s violence sparked an 11-day war between Israel and Gaza fighters.

Israeli police and Palestinians have clashed several times in recent weeks, including Friday morning. Israeli officials accused Hamas of inciting violence and said the security forces were forced to intervene to stop the stone throwing.

Palestinians say the presence of Israeli police on the ground and regular visits by a growing number of nationalist and religious Jews violate decades of unofficial regulations. Visits were suspended last week for the last 10 days of Ramadan, which ended this weekend.

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