Rosario: A scandalous quarrel between relatives at the school gate

Rosario: A scandalous quarrel between relatives at the school gate

The violent argument continued with punches, hair pulling, kicking and even jogging in the vicinity of the school, which was recorded in a series of videos.

Violent quarrel between two families at Rosario School
Violent quarrel between two families at Rosario School

A Scandalous fight Yesterday opened the door a School in Rosario come in Two women, Which was later added to a Parent group, As reported by local media.

The argument continued between the two groups of relatives Near the school with Shots, hair raising, kicks And even running down the street, recorded in a series Videos that have captured the escalation of tension.

According to La Capital, the conflict started at the school gate yesterday afternoon Julieta Lanter Located on Mendoza 7300. “We hear a knock on the door. Then one of the school assistants looked up and saw that they were hitting each other with two women. Explained Alejandro Rosalen, director of an educational institution, in dialogue with the channel LT8.

Scandalous quarrel between students’ relatives at Rosario School (kindness La Capital)

“I do not know exactly who these people were,” the manager explained in an interview with the show “The first morning“, Who also stated that he does not know the causes of the conflict.

And specified: “It was a problem that was not born in school, something external that comes from families. This is a dispute outside the institution that arose during school hours and at the institution’s door. I do not know who fought. We analyze everything in contact with the supervision and the ministry to deal with the vulnerability of these guys. We are going to discuss with the families so that this does not happen. “

The director explained that although this is the first time an episode of these characteristics has occurred, the facility usually conducts weekly negotiations to prevent acts of violence. “I think school alone is not enough, other tools are needed and families work together.” Said Rosalen.

“Society is generally very bad. We spent two years in a pandemic and now we are experiencing the consequences. This is the first time such a thing has happened to families fighting on the street. We do not know what caused this incident. ” Rosalen highlighted the origins of the conflict that began yesterday at a school where about 350 boys study in the morning shift and another 200 in the afternoon.

Source: La Nacion