OM takes millions from entrepreneur Sywert van Lienden

A spokesman for the public prosecutor said in an interview that the money was in the bank accounts of the key players in the mask case. This is the money flowing from the foundation into their own accounts,” he said.

first step

According to the OM spokesperson, this is a first step. “The money is now safe, so they can’t spend it as long as the investigation continues.”

Suspicions against the board of the Auxiliary Troops Alliance (SHA) Foundation have been expanded to include embezzlement if fraud is already suspected.

Investigation started

In February, the Public Prosecution Service announced that it had launched a criminal investigation against (former) directors of the foundation, including entrepreneur Sywert van Lienden.

Van Lienden was arrested at the beginning of March in connection with the investigation into the mask case. He was released two days later, but remains a suspect in the case. The investigation is still ongoing.

Randstad Notification

The reason for the investigation was the statement from Randstad at the end of December 2021. The recruitment company supplied personnel to the Auxiliary Forces Alliance because it was believed to be a charity.

However, it was later revealed that Van Lienden and other (former) executives started a private company for the face mask trade. As a result, he and other founders reportedly made millions from their mouth mask deal with the Ministry of Health.

Source: RTL