What awaits us for children exposed to femicide?

Three crimes, three arrests, the same victims: children† Albanis del Carmen Báez Fernández, Yasli Carolina Ortega Bastidas and a 17-year-old girl share no family ties, let alone ever met; however, their lives coincided after the tragic events that ended in their lives femicides.

There have been five cases of this type in Barranquilla and the metropolitan area so far this year, while the number reached nine last year. Meanwhile, according to the Sisma Mujer Corporation, the number of femicides in Colombia increased by 12.3% in 2021 compared to 2020, as 210 women were killed in cases of violence, most of them under the age of 30.

Despite the pain and grief the families live with, they try to help the minors who they are helpless and that they often don’t even know what happened in their homes.

Faced with this scenario, EL HERALDO consulted the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (UCIF), to learn more about the route of care offered to minors who have been immersed in these cases and who are considered indirect victims of these events.

The authorities point out that in a case of femicide, minors are left in a “threatening situation and/or violation of their rights”, for which the ICBF, together with an interdisciplinary team, “verifies rights and accordingly a family lawyer initiates the process and takes the most appropriate protection measure in accordance with the needs of the minor”

Source: El heraldo