End of President Boric’s honeymoon with Chileans?

End of President Boric’s honeymoon with Chileans?

An abrupt and early fall. That is the summary of the first two months, which will take place on May 11, of the government of the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric.

In less than 60 days, the youngest and most voted president in Chilean history appears to have noticeably disappointed his voters and deepened the criticisms of his opponents.

According to the latest survey by Plaza Pública Cadem – a market research firm – the Chilean president reached an approval level of 36%, compared to a 53% disapprovalone of the most negative numbers a president has faced in such a short time in Chilean history.

His most recent predecessors, Sebastian Pinera and Michelle Bachelet, faced high rates of disapproval, but only until the 37th week of their mandate and the 33rd, respectively.

Boric’s bad grades came as part of the first large-scale national mobilization the president has faced in recent days. This week, truck drivers blocked highways in eight cities across the country, demanding greater safety and control over fuel prices.

But what is this phenomenon due to? THE HERALD consulted Nicholas Freire, a political scientist and academic from the University of Santiago, who described what happened as “the early end of a honeymoon.” And it is that the 36-year-old president disappointed his supporters in a matter of weeks, so for Freire his fall is mainly due to four factors:

Source: El heraldo