Schiphol is waiting for another busy day, possibly more flights cancelled

Schiphol is waiting for another busy day, possibly more flights cancelled

Schiphol expects it to be busier the next day than yesterday. That is why the airport is working on a series of measures to reduce congestion.

A spokesperson confirms that Schiphol is in consultation with airlines about changing flight bookings. The airport wants to reduce the number of passengers from 5,800 today.

In addition, the airport hopes to outsource flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. So far this has been achieved by two flights, one from Transavia and the other from Corendon. “All the little things count,” says a Schiphol spokesperson.

The airport also requires companies that normally transport large numbers of passengers to Schiphol to arrange these transfers at other European airports as well. However, no concrete agreement has yet been reached on this.

Despite the agreements, Schiphol expects him to be busy all day. The busiest time should be between 10am and 4pm. “Travellers should take longer waiting times into account,” said the spokesperson. The airport accepts approximately 70,000 departing passengers.

Rows of tens of meters outside

Chief Operating Officer Patricia Vitalis previously spoke of an “extremely busy Saturday”. Due to the May holidays and major staff shortages, long queues arose at the airport. During rush hour, passengers had to wait outside with their bags. about social media we saw rows of tens of meters.

Some passengers had to wait two hours before crossing the road. Security Could be, says Vitalis. “But I can imagine it will take even longer.”

In view of the holiday period, Schiphol had asked airlines to rebook flights. KLM responded and canceled at least 47 flights this weekend. According to Vitalis, this gave some relief.

Staff shortage

The airport cites a lack of staff as the cause of overcrowding, among other things. There are major shortcomings in the areas of security, baggage handlers and airline personnel. Operational director Vitalis explains that these are not easy to solve.

Travelers who have not yet departed should therefore take into account the crowds of next week. Due to the May holiday, which will last for another week, Schiphol expects a large number of departing passengers, especially tomorrow and Monday.

Firefighters handed out water bottles to passengers waiting outside:

Source: NOS