Experts call for mandatory registration of dog bite incidents

Experts call for mandatory registration of dog bite incidents

“She rocked it like a rag doll”

Daniela knows better than anyone that lack of knowledge is a major risk factor in dog bites. He saw his daughter Rois being bitten by an Argentine dog. The biting incident happened last summer. Kings (5 years old at the time) was playing with a boy. The moment his daughter took the boy’s hand, he caught the dog’s attention. He turned and pushed the kings to the ground. “Then it came into her head,” Daniela says. “And she rocked it like a rag doll.”

It was like a fight to the death. In an interview with RTL Nieuws, Daniela said: “It tore off her scalp completely. It was terrible. It was really scary,” he said. Read the full story here.

The bystanders managed to contain the dog and released Rois. The tear on his head has been successfully operated on. It brought relief, but dog bites changed their lives forever.

Daniela wants to share her story because she wants stricter dog ownership rules. “I think people can get a dog very easily. That causes problems,” he says. “If you impose stricter rules, it is in the interest of the animal and ultimately in the interest of humans. A dog cannot stop being a dog and is left alone with owners who do not know what they do.”

Source: RTL