Pelosi backs Zelensky’s surprise trip to Kiev: “We will be here until victory”

Pelosi backs Zelensky’s surprise trip to Kiev: “We will be here until victory”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited President Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday. In the video released by the President of Ukraine, Pelosi was accompanied by a delegation of US representatives who were received by the President in the courtyard of his official residence. In a short note, Pelosi tells Zelensky: “We visited him to thank him for his struggle for freedom (…) His struggle is everyone’s struggle. Therefore, it is our duty to stand by your side until the battle is over.” “We will be here until victory,” the US leader added.

Pelosi is the second US president after Vice President Kamala Harris and is the highest-ranking US leader to visit Ukraine since the start of the war. His trip was intended to show Washington’s support for the Ukrainian government.

Pelos’s visit has not been announced, although his arrival in the coming days has been speculated. Pelos’ journey does not end in Kiev, but continues in Poland, visiting the capital Warsaw and the southeast of the country, where thousands of refugees have fled the crowded Russian bombs. In a statement, the Speaker of the House of Representatives reiterated that “additional US aid is on the way” and that they plan to turn President Joe Biden’s funding request into a “legislative package.”

This is the third visit by senior US officials to Ukraine in just a few days. Last week, US Secretary of State and Defense Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin arrived in the country. Last Thursday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres toured the streets of Bucha and Irpin to see the fallout from the Russian invasion of the capital’s two suburbs.

Along with the video, Zelensky also tweeted the sentence: “Nancy Pelosi in Kiev. The United States is a leader in Ukraine’s strong support for the fight against Russian aggression. “Thank you for helping to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state!” he wrote on the social network. Pelosi added in another video: “Thank you for your leadership and courage in leading Ukrainians to defend democracy… we look forward to your visit to thank you for your fight for freedom.”

Source: La Neta Neta