Employees of the Port of Amsterdam refuse to unload a ship with Russian diesel

According to Oram, a trade association for port companies, there are concerns about whether the ship can enter the port of Amsterdam “safe at sea”, how it can be handled and departed. “We are also concerned about public order when the ship docks,” says director Kees Noorman.

According to Noorman, Sunny Liger has yet to make an official request to enter the port of Amsterdam: “So they could say: ‘It will be very difficult here, we will anchor and go to another port’. where we can dispose of oil.’”

FNV: ship infected

“We are not welcome to declare this ship contaminated,” said Asmae Hajjari, union director of FNV Havens. NOS Radio 1 News. He admits there is no legal basis for refusing the ship: “My colleagues in Sweden refused. We believe that the companies concerned should set a good example and should not unload the ship. †

According to the union, the parties will discuss what will happen to Sunny Liger this morning. The ship would actually store the oil at the company Evos in the African port of Amsterdam. The company said it is awaiting consultations. A spokesman said the company still stores Russian oil like other storage companies.

The spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also asks the workers in the Amsterdam port not to unload the ship:

Source: NOS