More than 18,000 civilians evacuated from Russia to Donetsk and Lugansk

More than 18,000 civilians evacuated from Russia to Donetsk and Lugansk

At least 18,849 civilians were evacuated, including 2,359 children. On Saturday, from Russia in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev said.

He explained that in the past 24 hours, nearly 2,000 vehicles have crossed the border from the conflict zones, which is now a total of about 137,700 vehicles since the launch of the “special military operation” announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“There are regularly more than 9,500 temporary shelters operating in the constituent units of the Russian Federation. “We are working individually on the refugees who have arrived and ambulances are being deployed to deal with the current problems with additional housing,” he said.

Mizintsev is also encrypted 142 evacuation requests to Russia On Saturday towards Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as in the regions of Zaporozhye, Mykolaiv, Kharkov and Kherson, which are controlled by the Russian armed forces.

“The total database contains 2,754,026 similar applications from 2,133 Ukrainian settlements,” he said. Russia has provided Ukraine with more than 16,800 tons of humanitarian aid From March 2.

“Russia has already delivered 16,805.9 tons of basic goods, food, medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine, carried out 941 humanitarian operations, including eight humanitarian operations in the Donetsk People’s Republic on the last day and in the Zaporozhye region, involving 316. 8 tons was humanitarian. † “Aid was delivered to the civilian population,” Mizintsev said.

He also condemned that in the town of Marganets, in the Dnepropetrovsk region, “militants of Ukrainian armed groups” have mined the Mykolaiv dam.

Mizintsev stressed that “the nationalists themselves plan to blow it up and blame it on Russian troop units that are allegedly advancing.” If this dam breaks, he has warned the city and the neighboring settlements where they live. More than 45,000 people will be flooded

As for the maritime situation, the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center recalls that there are seven ports: Kherson, Mykolaiv, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa, Yuzhny and Mariupol. 75 foreign ships from 17 states are blocked.

“The threat of bombing in the official internal waters and territorial sea of ​​Kiev and the great threat of mines do not allow ships to sail on the open seas,” he said, adding that the Kiev authorities “continue to evade relations. foreign states and transport companies.

Mizintsev also accused Ukraine of preparing the massive bombing campaign against Kharkov, noting that units of the armed forces had set up artillery units near the Tsupovka settlement to shoot at civilians during the evacuation.

“It has been clearly established from the Russian side that the neo-Nazis intend to carry out this heinous and bloody act in the near future,” he said. (Europe Press)

Source: La Neta Neta