These celebs were featured on Make Up Your Mind

These celebs were featured on Make Up Your Mind

colorful queen The so-called Tiny Lady would show herself before the lip sync tour. And while clues to the identity behind the Tiny Lady are hidden in the costume, Nikkie’s team managed to unravel her through wild guesswork. It was Radio 10 DJ Gerard Ekdom who turned into a transvestite. “It was really surprising to color outside the lines completely,” Gerard says about her involvement.

In her first round of lip-syncing, transvestite Valery Porter lost to Carry Vanity. Although Valery Porter worked hard to convince the judges with his performance, it wasn’t enough. Team Fred suspected that Luuk Ikkink was hiding behind ID, but again it was Team Nikkie who found out. It was none other than our own journalist, Jamie Trenité, from RTL Avenue. “Everyone, gay or not, Anyway Whatever skin color you have, you will love it. Jamie also says his engagement was a “dream come true” and he thinks it’s important that he can do it as a “straight” because he loves it.

Also in the second round of lip sync queen handicapped. The powder pink GG L’Amour lost the battle because of her heels. The sweet transvestite couldn’t hide that she had trouble walking in heels, and that meant GG L’Amour had to go outside. Although the Queen was no stranger to Fred van Leer’s life, she still couldn’t guess who he was. Tips on GG L’Amour’s costume weren’t enough to reveal makeup artist Leco van Zadelhoff either. After Fred learned that he didn’t know his own colleague and close friend, he said, “This is bad. I’m falling apart, girlfriend,” he replies.

Then it’s time victory speech and in it Carry Vanity would say goodbye to her cross-dressing identity. Both teams managed to guess who was behind the Carry Vanity. It was presenter Martine van Os who managed to surprise the jury with her participation in an outfit designed by her own son. “My son is very fond of towing. So it’s very good that he is drawing my outfit.

Finally, the prize “Get up for the final” was awarded by a participant. mysterious guest The two teams again managed to guess who was hiding behind transvestite Beaulicious. Danny de Munk, one of the guest experts of the first episode, presented the prize. “I couldn’t recognize myself, I really think it’s art!

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