Experts criticize hard evidence in Nicky Verstappen case

Experts criticize hard evidence in Nicky Verstappen case

The cause of death suggested by the prosecution, ‘choking’ by covering hands, nose and mouth, is possible, but the option of sleeping pills ‘which the two camp leaders had’ could also be considered.

Still a camp veteran?

This is how the eldest of the camp comes into the picture as a suspect. This man is dead, but he was a sex offender. He was known to have once intoxicated a child with tranquilizers. Her body was later exhumed, but her DNA was not found on Nicky or her clothes.

The court is hesitant to answer because Jos B. has challenged the decision, which means that the Supreme Court will continue to assess the case.

Consequence of profession

B.’s lawyer, Gerald Roethof, told RTL Nieuws that the book was “an acknowledgment of what my client has always said, namely his innocence”. “The book shows that the story can be true.”

According to the lawyer, the results may influence the continuation of the procedure. “We clearly asked for more research to find out if his story was true. This was rejected on a motivation we thought was wrong. But now that leading scientists are showing there is a rationale for such an investigation, I can only imagine. It increases the likelihood that such an investigation will now be conducted.”

Source: RTL