Daniel Artana: “Soy for $ 650 is half the economic recovery”

Daniel Artana: “Soy for $ 650 is half the economic recovery”

Daniel Artana: “Soy for $ 650 is half the economic recovery”

The economist questioned the unexpected income tax, anti-inflation measures, and spoke about Martin Guzman’s position in the cabinet.

Daniel Artana on LN +
Daniel Artana on LN +

Economist Daniel Artana He spoke Economic recovery data What he gave Alberto Fernandez On Labor Day and have been partially ratified. “The country has recovered what it lost in the pandemic, this is objective data. “The president does not say that half of this increase can be explained by the $ 650 price of soy.” He said in a dialogue with Jose del Rio by LN +.

Is included Economic Growth “The data show that the economy has recovered from what it lost in the pandemic, we have to explain that this can be explained by that,” Fernandez said. The wealth that Argentina had last year and this quarter “When export prices rose much more than import prices.” He added: “It was lucky, I would say a lot. In my report this explains about half of last year’s recovery. ”

On the contrary, he said: “Today we have a real salary that corresponds to inflation In some cases and informally, you have difficulty. The inflationary race by which the government is running people is having a bad time. In the campaign they had a speech on how to deal with inflation and they said it was obvious they were not going to tackle the problem of inflation. They had a diagnostic and instrumental error. And they continue to insist on price controls. “They owe a great deal of debt to inflation,” he said.

On the other hand, invited Business community, Artana also criticized Unexpected income tax. “It’s nonsense the way you look at it,” he said. Unexpected rent for an economist, if approved, “will accrue next year, but they say they want to pay unexpected expenses this year. This is an additional income tax. As he put it, “This is a government that believes that if you increase spending, it will boost the economy. But there is no statistical evidence to say so. “

“This is a government that does not consider at any time whether it can reduce costs by reducing inefficiency, which is abundant. The deductions that were implemented were for retirees who received more than the minimum income because you paid the rest. It is this type of adjustment that this government makes. “Now, later they go and buy planes, an inefficiency that is difficult to find parallels without looking back,” he said.

He then questioned the “Platinum Plan”. “Guzman’s mistake was that he did not stop,” he said. He also added that the Minister of Economy had already lost power when he wanted to release the subordinate and was unable to do so. “It is polluted by inflation” Said Artana, adding: “He is going through one of the worst moments since he became Minister of Economy.”

Asked how important the private sector is for the economy, he said: “It’s fundamental.” He added: “The state can not do everything. Today you have a state that has been magnified by terrible inefficiencies. Generating growth for you today is companies that have clear rules of the game that invest in and create jobs. That’s where the exit goes. “

Finally, Artana mentioned the possible dollarization in Argentina from a practical point of view. “In practical terms, there are countries that have abandoned their currencies, except that the central bank later followed, as did European countries, as well as Ecuador and El Salvador, among others. If you ask me, I do not think dollarization is a bad idea, But the most obvious practical reason is that you do not have to do it. Therefore, he considered that in order for this measure to work, there should be a “fiscal buffer” that the country does not have at the moment. “I guarantee you that if you go with the monumental fiscal surplus, inflation will end in Argentina.” Persuaded the economist.

Source: La Nacion