Triple Crime in San Nicholas: Psychological examination will be one of the keys to advancing the investigation

Triple Crime in San Nicholas: Psychological examination will be one of the keys to advancing the investigation

Triple Crime in San Nicholas: Psychological examination will be one of the keys to advancing the investigation

The prosecutor also said that the body of the alleged killer’s daughter had not been cremated and that she would be exhumed in the coming days.

Damian Grotin
Damian Grotin

The Prosecutor investigates alleged perpetrator of Pablo Damian Grotin’s murder, His daughter and his brother In the Buenos Aires district of San Nicolas, Will determine whether the man Realizes the criminality of the actions attributed to him and, consequently, if it belongs to him and a criminal case may be committed which will put him behind bars forever.

“I will issue an ordinance soon, But I’m interested in incorporating certain elements that experts need to consider“, – clarified the prosecutor Maria Belen Banos, who continues the investigation against 42-year-old Grotin, as a link to the alleged perpetrator of a triple crime.

The prosecutor also confirmed LN + That Eileen, the daughter of Grotin – who was 10 years old when she died in July 2021 – was not cremated, for which she will be exhumed this week to undergo an autopsy and determine the cause of death.

The corpse German grotinDefendant’s brother, who died at San Felipe Hospital in San Nicholas in July 2019 if he was cremated, so there are no remains to be verified in his case.

until, Grotin will continue to be detained at the Ramalho police station while investigators continue to take testimony. Medical staff who have intervened in the consistent care of victims and will continue to examine electronic devices. Only if he is brought as a measure of restraint will he be sent to a penitentiary institution.

This was reported by the court sources of the agency Tela that A representative from the public ministry has 15 days, extended for another 15 days, to decide whether to request detention Prophylaxis of the groin The “The triple murder was doubly aggravated by ties and betrayal” His mother, his brother Gabriel, 32, and his daughter Eileen.

In addition, prosecutor Banos is awaiting the results of further analysis of the expertise of 61-year-old Terezita Di Martino. Which will be key to confirming whether the suspect blew him up or not Or any medication in serum to cause fatal heart failure.

Besides, The forensic doctors who performed the dissection took blood and urine samples. Which will be used for toxicological studies to find out if Di Martino was taking any medication before or during his hospitalization that could have caused a cardiorespiratory arrest that resulted in his death.

By these analyzes It will be possible to determine whether there was diazepam in his body, a sedative that was in ampoules found in the 3rd box of San Felipe Hospital., From San Nicholas, where the victim was alone with his son. The doctors said the patient was not given this medicine and it did not belong to any party of the medical center pharmacy. Researchers believe it could have been injected into the serum in one of two ways with punctures discovered by hospital professionals.

also La Plata will conduct histopathological examinations, which will examine the organs microscopically And fabrics Pool Internal organs that forensic doctors removed for examination for its analysis.

With that Through studies, pathologists were able to determine whether heart failure was caused by Di Martino with air entering the veins from the serum line.Because the prosecutor also suspects that this could have happened, based on an internet survey the defendant conducted on his electronic devices, how he caused the death.

The quest is about how to kill a person by inserting something into the veins. What happens if I inhale air? “What medication can be taken for the cause of death,” “How long after a heart attack does a heart attack occur,” and a similar search, “the prosecutor said.

Banos explained in connection with these searches that It was not “exactly where it was found on his phone, but on all the devices.” Which were linked to his Gmail account, which was tampered with by court order.

Besides, To test the liquid sent, which was in a glass that was in the refrigerator At the home of the accused.

“In the face of this picture, which suggests that he could have previously provided him with some medicine to earn the guard’s income, we sent him for analysis,” the prosecutor said.

The woman was rushed to a hospital in San Felipe de San NicholasThe son was transferred to work for an employee of a funeral service company.

At that moment, Di Martino reportedly felt dizzy and sad about the death of his second son and grandsonHappened a long time ago But after conducting relevant studiesDoctors determined he was recovering, so they were going to discharge him.

Despite this, While she remained in the 3rd box of the care center caring for her childShe said the serum was “lost” before a nurse on duty discovered it was a puncture, crossed it from side to side and observed that the man was wearing wet clothes.

Court sources added that the man called the nurses an hour and a half later. And there the death of the patient was confirmed.

It was then determined that the new serum administered by the nurse was also a puncture“This time, with one hole in the hose and an open ampoule of diazepam, they found in the same box where the patient was, which was not prescribed to any patient that day,” the court said in a statement.

According to police and court sources, It later emerged from testimonies of acquaintances and neighbors that the brother (32-year-old athlete and lifeguard) and Grotin’s own 10-year-old daughter (Who suffered a delay in maturation) died in a similar circumstance.

The daughter’s body was not cremated

The prosecutor too Confirmed today in St. LN + That the girl’s body has not been cremated and will be exhumed this week Conduct an examination and determine the cause of death.

I was confirmed today that my daughter was not cremated, we are going to exhume her body in a week“- said prosecutor Maria Belen Banos, who is continuing the investigation against 42-year-old Pablo Damian Grotin, as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of his family.

Representative of the Public Ministry They said they were trying to determine whether the accused’s daughter was cremated by any court order Or just because Dad didn’t want to do it.

As for the brother, his body was cremated and he did not need any authorization as the investigation was not conducted.Said the Baths.

In this way the prosecutor pointed out The girl’s body will be exhumed during the week to be able to conduct the dissection And determine the causes of death. “We do not know how much can be done by the time the corpse is buried,” the prosecutor added.

Source: La Nacion