Record number of complaints and reports of unequal treatment last year –

Record number of complaints and reports of unequal treatment last year –

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights received a record number of complaints and reports about unequal treatment last year. According to the Discrimination Tracker 2021, people wrote to the editors 5,286 times. The most frequent report concerned discrimination related to a disability or chronic illness. This was also the case in previous years.

According to the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, the messages in this category vary widely. This concerned, for example, people who had difficulty entering a polling station during elections due to their physical disability. However, there are also reports of parents of gifted children who feel that their children do not receive an appropriate education.

In addition, more than two thousand complaints about the corona measures were received. For example, journalists complained about being at a disadvantage due to the introduction of the corona ticket. Others felt discriminated against because they had been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine because of their year of birth.

Ethnicity and gender in the top 3

A quarter of the questions and reports concerned discrimination based on ethnicity. Many were associated with the Tax & Customs & Interests case or other government agencies suspected of ethnic profiling by journalists. This was, for example, a municipal official who applied for a second citizenship when applying for social assistance benefits.

Finally, the Institute received many reports of gender discrimination. This concerned, for example, reporters who were disadvantaged during a selection procedure because of pregnancy.

The Institute notes that a record number of trial requests (739) were also submitted last year. In one of the three cases, the supervisor established that there was indeed discrimination. Council decisions are not legally binding.

Source: NOS