US abortion rights at risk, court says in leaked draft

US abortion rights at risk, court says in leaked draft

The right to abortion has been enshrined in the United States since 1973 under the ‘Roe vs. Wade’, you can read more about it at the bottom of this article. If it belongs to the Supreme Court of the United States, that constitutional right could soon expire. This is reported by the political news website Politico, which has managed to get hold of a draft court order.

“We already knew that”

In it, Conservative Chief Justice Samuel Alito writes that “Karaca must be rejected” because the proposal was “extremely bad from the start”. According to reporter Erik Mouthaan, the news came as no surprise.

About the nine-member Supreme Court, Mouthaan says: “We already knew that the Court thought so. President Donald Trump has appointed three ultra-conservative judges during his term in office.” Trump added that he chose the three of them so they could cancel the abortion agreement.

In this article we explain exactly how it works. Abortion has been one of the most difficult political issues in the United States for fifty years, and proponents and opponents of the procedure are diametrically opposed.

Source: RTL