Hungarian minister: ‘veto EU boycott of Russian gas and oil’

Hungarian minister: ‘veto EU boycott of Russian gas and oil’

Gulyas responded this weekend to reports from Bloomberg news agency that Russian oil imports will be banned this year.

There are sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine. There is an exception for fuels and foodstuffs. Researchers estimate that Russia has earned $63 billion from the export of fuel through pipelines and tankers since the start of the war. The majority goes to Europe.


Germany had previously opposed the ban on fuel imports. It would greatly harm the economy. Our eastern neighbors are the largest users of Russian fossil fuels. Since the beginning of the war, 9.1 billion euros worth of gas and oil has been imported.

By now, Germany would have returned and Hungary would have given up its resistance, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

Gulyas denies this. “It makes no sense for the European Commission to submit a proposal, because decisions on sanctions must be taken unanimously,” the minister told Hungarian television channel HirTV on Sunday.

Source: RTL