Worldwide protests and riots in Paris on Labor Day

For the first time in three years, large-scale Labor Day protests took place inside and outside Europe. In Paris – as with the May Day demonstrations in the French capital – there was unrest.

In a neighborhood in the east of the city, numerous businesses have been looted, including a McDonald’s branch. According to the French police, the “anarchists” also attacked the firefighters to hinder the extinguishing attempts. The police then used tear gas. So far, 45 arrests have been reported and eight officers have been injured.

Protests in other cities in France have been largely peaceful. Several thousand protesters were scattered across the country. Opposition leaders took the opportunity to pressure re-elected President Macron, including to curb a planned raise in the retirement age.

About 14,000 people attended the protest march in Berlin. It was mostly peaceful. In the evening, however, a brawl broke out between the protesters and the police, with the protesters throwing bottles and fireworks. The police used tear gas, the DPA news agency reported. Demonstrations also took place elsewhere in Germany, such as Hamburg and Cologne.


Due to the corona pandemic, it has been relatively quiet in European cities on 1 May for the past two years. This time, however, there were almost no or no corona measures and there was plenty of room for protest marches, demonstrations and concerts.

All kinds of protests and rallies were held outside Europe today:

Source: NOS