Revival 5/3: Protests Against the War • China People’s Congress meets –

Revival 5/3: Protests Against the War • China People’s Congress meets –

Good morning! There is a demonstration in The Hague against the war in Ukraine, the Chinese parliament is talking about next year’s economic problems.

Today the sun shines almost everywhere. It will be 7-9 degrees with a weak east wind. In the coming days it will become more cloudy and the temperature will drop slightly, especially in the afternoon.

Air Plaza

on the way out Here you will find an overview of the activities. View the timetable of the trains here.

What can you expect today?

  • Demonstrations against the war in Ukraine are taking place in The Hague, among other places. In the afternoon the people said: ‘Stop the war!’ They gather in Malieveld for the campaign. At the same time, Russians living in the Netherlands demonstrate in front of the Russian embassy.
  • The Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) has begun its annual meeting to set policy for next year. The discussions should include measures to counteract declining economic growth.
  • Three matches are played in the Eredivisie. Number 3 Feyenoord will take on FC Groningen in tenth place De Kuip at 21:00. Before that, Willem II and sc Heerenveen will face each other in Tilburg (4:30 PM) and Go Ahead Eagles will play at home against FC Utrecht (18:45).
  • For weeks it was guessed who Mol was in the ‘TV program’. Who is the mole? The result, which can also be seen live in many cinemas throughout the country tonight.

What did you miss?

The independent provision of information in Russia is becoming increasingly limited. On television you can almost only follow the state channels, which are considered the spokesman of the Kremlin.

Many foreign channels have been blocked in recent days. This includes the BBC as well as foreign Russian media such as Deutsche Welle, Voice of America and Latvia-based Meduza. Twitter and Facebook are also banned.

If you want to follow independent online news sources in Russia, it’s best to use a VPN connection that lets you pretend you’re on the internet from another country. According to market researcher Appfigures, VPN app downloads have exploded in the past week and a half.

More news from the evening:

  • Ukrainian President Zelensky condemned NATO’s refusal of the no-fly zone: Zelensky said that because of this refusal, Russia gave the green light to bomb his country. New attacks and new victims will therefore be inevitable, he warns.
  • The head of nuclear guard is visiting Iran, hoping to revive the nuclear deal: Rafael Grossi came to Tehran for this purpose. He hopes international regulators will regain access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and gain clarity about Iran’s nuclear equipment.
  • Speed’s audience is misbehaving; The duel with Sparta was decisively stopped just before the clock ticked: a trophy was thrown at the head of the Spartan goalkeeper Maduka Okoye, after which the referee stopped the game. The KNVB is investigating the incident and then decides whether the game will be played.

And then this:

A large California property sold for less than half the list price in a bankruptcy auction. Nevertheless, it set a new record with a turnover of 141 million dollars (129 million euros). The mega mansion is the most expensive house ever sold at auction.

The house has 21 bedrooms and 49 bathrooms, a library, a cigar lounge, five swimming pools and a 400-meter running track. It’s a “good deal,” though the new owner says the new owner will need to invest at least $10 million to fix problems like leaks and cracks in the marble.

And for that money he gets:

Sunny Saturday!

Source: NOS