Call not to mow in May: ‘Down with the cleaning syndrome’

Call not to mow in May: ‘Down with the cleaning syndrome’

Van de Kamp says that this help is especially needed in May. “In the summer everything blooms and there are many places for insects to find food. But for example in May, when the bees come out of hibernation and new eggs hatch, there is very little available. † So it’s nice to be standing by the dandelion now.”

“Don’t mow, that’s ugly”

The Steenbraken Foundation knows that at least thirty municipalities have responded to the call and that they will not mow in May this year. In addition, 300 people stated that they will not touch their own territory in May. But there is also a defense, because not mowing also means an overgrown image.

Van de Kamp: “You hear it often, but we have to get rid of that mentality. The image that raked gardens are clean and good is no longer valid. The older generation likes everything clean and tidy, the pool tablecloth is like a tablecloth. grass. But we really need to get rid of this cleaning syndrome and give nature a place.

Despite objections, many municipalities continue to mow, including on social networks. In Culemborg, for example, a mower was walking through the city this morning.

Source: RTL