One ship refused, but other tankers with Russian oil keep coming –

One ship refused, but other tankers with Russian oil keep coming –

As far as is known, dockers in the Netherlands have so far not refused to evacuate ships with Russian oil on their own initiative. Hajjari: “Based on questions from our members, we thought about how long we could boycott ships carrying Russian oil. But it is legally complicated.”

Sunny Liger received its cargo in Primorsk, Russia. This also applies to CB Caribbean and other tankers that transport oil from this city: Clear Stars and Eikeviken, both based in Rotterdam. These ships are not considered “contaminated” by FNV, as they do not pass through other ports where employees refuse to seize tankers.

Oil imports still allowed

Currently, the import of Russian oil into the Netherlands is still allowed. However, ships flying the Russian flag or expressly affiliated with Russian companies are not allowed to dock in any European port. This ban does not yet apply to Russian ships carrying food, oil or gas. Sunny Liger and Clear Stars fly the Marshall Islands flag, Eikeviken fly the Norwegian flag and CB Caribbean fly the Portuguese flag.

FNV does not rule out the possibility of reporting again in the future a ship carrying Russian oil that is unable to dock in a foreign port. Or Dutch dockers who finally refuse responsibility for a ship because of objections of principle. The union therefore wants to discuss with the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Rotterdam how this can be tackled in the near future.

Source: NOS