Russia attacked Odessa airport to destroy US weapons

Russia attacked Odessa airport to destroy US weapons

Russia today confirmed that it has attacked with high-precision missiles the odessa airportin the south of Ukraine, to destroy a hangar with weapons and ammunition that the Ukrainian army is said to have received from the US and European countries.

“High-precision onyx missiles destroyed a hangar at a military airport near Odessa with weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries, and also destroyed the runway,” said the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of DefenseIgor Konashenkov.

On Saturday, the Southern Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed that the runway of Odessa airport has been damaged and disabled by the impact of Russian missiles.

Konashenkov further stated that high-precision missiles from the Russian Aerospace Forces hit seven military installations in Ukraine, including four concentration areas for soldiers and military equipment, as well as three depots for missiles and artillery weapons and ammunition in the Donetsk and Kharkov regions.

Source: El heraldo