Pandajong Fan Xing celebrates her last birthday in the Netherlands

Pandajong Fan Xing celebrates her last birthday in the Netherlands

Pandajong Fan Xing celebrated her second birthday in Ouwehands Zoo, her last day in the Netherlands. This autumn the animal will go to China to be used in a breeding program.

The zoo offered Fan Xing a wrapped piece of bamboo, the only food the species ate. Visitors could paint their faces like pandas.

This is the only time visitors can attend the anniversary: ​​last year the zoo was closed due to corona. Meanwhile, the young animal later spends most of the day sleeping: it is the mother Wu Wen who eats the treats later.

Fan Xing, with her courtesy


Fan Xing was the first panda born in the Netherlands two years ago. The name refers to Vincent van Gogh, the most famous Dutch painter in China.

His parents, Xing Ya and Wu Wen, came to our country from China three years ago. According to agreements with China, the three animals remain the property of the breeding program there.

In China, puppies are in principle allowed to stay abroad for four years, but Ouwehands chooses to leave the animal earlier. A panda in the wild also leaves its mother after a year or two and the zoo wants to follow this natural process as much as possible. Fan Xing will not be used for breeding until several years after her sexual maturity.

The giant panda, which is only found in the wild in China, has long been extremely endangered. Thanks to the international breeding program, other specimens of the species have been added in recent years and the species is now considered “vulnerable”.

Source: NOS