Beijing tightens measures against ommicron variant

Beijing tightens measures against ommicron variant

The corona rules have been tightened in Beijing, the capital of China. Residents will have to undergo a negative corona test from next weekend to gain access to public buildings and public transport.

The country starts on May 1 with a short holiday on Labor Day. This is normally one of the busiest holiday periods, but many people are expected to stay at home as the contagious variant of omycron spreads.

China has reported more than 10,700 new cases of corona today, 54 of them in Beijing. Unlike Shanghai, the capital does not have a large-scale quarantine.

Millions of residents have been locked up in Shanghai for weeks. According to the authorities, the fact that no new case has been discovered among the detained group of people is a support. This may be an indication that the number of infections is decreasing.

Images of a crowded quarantine center in Shanghai from earlier this month:

Source: NOS