Criminals allegedly robbed Cootragal bus passengers

Criminals allegedly robbed Cootragal bus passengers

Users of the Wasapea line to EL HERALDO reported an alleged theft of passengers from a Cootragal bus on Tuesday evening.

According to the community, the antisocial got on the bus, which the… Banquilla – Galapa Route, in the San Martin sector. After committing the offense they landed in front of Villa Cordialidad.

It is worth noting that on April 22, several passengers traveling on a public bus were attacked by two armed individuals as they were traveling through the municipality of Malambo.

According to the versions, the men got on the bus and after a few minutes they intimidated the people who went there to remove their belongings.

After they had achieved their goal, the asocials got out of the vehicle and climbed into another. However, when they gave the stop sign, the driver ignored it.

“She they shot and they hit the glass and the ceiling, there were the holes,” said a witness.

Source: El heraldo