Absolutely no solar panels in the royal residence palace

Absolutely no solar panels in the royal residence palace

This in response to a statement by Minister Hugo de Jonge of Housing and Spatial Planning in response to an objection to the Government Information (Public Access) Act. They were asked to provide information about the sustainability measures taken in the palace.

State of the monuments

The solar panel debate in the palace has been going on since 2018. Willem-Alexander asked for panels on the roof, but was rejected that year due to the palace’s iconic status. Prime Minister Rutte saw opportunities again in 2019 and an assessment was carried out by the Central Government Real Estate Agency. It took a long time for the results to come out, but now it is clear that the king had to do without solar panels.

floor insulation

However, other measures have also been taken to make the building more sustainable. The floors are insulated, the windows are adapted and the pipes are insulated. In addition, LED lighting has been installed.

Source: RTL