How countries choose the color of their passport

How countries choose the color of their passport

How countries choose the color of their passport

The document used to enter other areas is different in color, though many are repeated; The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) sets out certain guidelines

In Argentina the passport is blue
In Argentina the passport is blue

Passports of Argentine citizens are blue. Embroidered in Italy. Green in Brazil. The colors of the IDs used to cross the border vary by country.

Most nations choose basic colors, but there is no official requirement for this. “Any color that is in Pantone’s book, we can do it”He told the American media about it Travel + Vacation William Waldron, Vice President of Security Products Holiston, Ltd., Which produces passports of more than 60 countries.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), passports (or official travel documents read by any vehicle) are required to meet certain physical characteristics. By the way, the states that issue passports can choose the materials they want if they do not adversely affect any component of the apparatus used to read them, known as MRTD.

For the entire period of validity, it must meet the following requirements: it must be made of a material that does not bend (wrinkle), ie it can be flattened by the reading device without the use or interruption of the MRTD. The Reader “, demands and continues:” It must be resistant to chemical impacts arising from normal care and use, unless a chemical sensitivity has been added for safety. “

In addition, passports must withstand temperatures above 35 ° and 80 ° C without loss of function. They should also be within 5 to 95 percent of the relative humidity of the machine-readable air.

Despite this, There are no provisions that dictate what a passport should look like. While ICAO makes suggestions about font, size, and font, even the details remain at the discretion of the issuing state, although they strongly recommend that the information be printed in large letters.

“Nothing provides for the color of the cover”Confirmed by ICAO Communications Director Anthony Philbin.

How do you explain the color countries choose for a passport? According to Travel + VacationGeopolitics and religion, of course, apply when a country determines the color of a passport. “Muslim countries, for example, prefer green passports because the shadow is very important for religion. Meanwhile, the Caribbean often chooses a blue passport cover.

For his part, the Vice President Holiston, Ltd., Believes that there are practical reasons that lead to the selection of dark colors. “They generally have a more formal appearance,” he analyzes, stressing: “They show less dirt and wear.”

Source: La Nacion