More than a hundred recreational yachts destroyed in The Hague fire

More than a hundred recreational yachts destroyed in The Hague fire

Last night there was a huge fire in The Hague. A hangar with more than a hundred pleasure yachts was completely destroyed. Firefighters intervened with heavy equipment, but were unable to save the building and boats.

“The havoc among the boat owners is really enormous,” a police officer on the field told Omroep West this morning. “It’s really a life goal for a lot of people to have a boat like this. It all happened all at once.”

According to the police, there were 116 recreational boats in the barracks on Binckhorstlaan in The Hague. The fire started for unknown reasons around 2:30 a.m. last night. According to the fire service, there were also explosions caused by stored gas cylinders. No one was injured. An NL-Alert has been issued to alert local residents to the odor nuisance.

The damage is clearly visible in daylight:

Many boat owners reported shortly after the fire started. Some gather in an adjacent cafe. “We just saw our boat,” said one. “There’s really nothing left. The boat stayed there for only a year. Then it happens. What a pity.”

“This is your vacation, it’s just a second home,” says a woman as she leaves the garden. “It’s terrible that something like this happens.”

Fire extinguisher

Meanwhile, a man arrives with his two sons. “Look, there it is,” he says, pointing to the other side of the water, where firefighters are still putting out the fire.

“I bought my boat three years ago. I’ve been sanding the whole boat for five months and I’m constantly doing other maintenance. The main goal was that nothing could be done to the boat after this renovation. At least not while I still have the boat. Say. He was discouraged to add later, ‘All my life’s work has suddenly disappeared.

Source: NOS