Busy Schiphol, but long queues at check-in counters –

Busy Schiphol, but long queues at check-in counters –

Schiphol held consultations with airlines late last night about measures to reduce crowds. However, this has not led to new agreements. The airport wanted to reduce the number of passengers by 5800 today to relieve the workload of the staff. A spokesperson said that was unsuccessful.

“Little bits help”

The airport had hoped that a number of flights could be outsourced to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. This was eventually achieved by two flights: one from Transavia and the other from Corendon. “Every gesture counts,” says a Schiphol spokesperson. “Now we have to make do with what we have.”

As airlines advise, the airport advises passengers to arrive at the airport on time. Schiphol currently has approximately 190,000 passengers, 70,000 of which are on departure.

Yesterday some passengers had to wait two hours before crossing the road. Security Chief Operating Officer Patricia Vitalis said she could do it at the time. In view of the holiday period, Schiphol had asked airlines to rebook flights. KLM responded and canceled at least 47 flights this weekend. According to Vitalis, this gave some relief.

Firefighters handed out water bottles to passengers waiting outside:

Source: NOS