More than a million children flee Ukraine: “They urgently need peace”

More than a million children flee Ukraine: “They urgently need peace”

More than a million children have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian occupation, according to UNICEF. At least 37 children have been killed and 50 injured so far, according to the United Nations Children’s Rights Organization.

Catherine Russell, UNICEF director, said in a statement yesterday. He was responding to the bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol.

Russell says he is shocked by the Russian airstrike. “This attack, if confirmed, underscores the terrible toll this war has imposed on Ukrainian children and families,” Russell said. “Ukrainian children urgently need peace.”

Now that war has just broken out, UNICEF announces that tens of thousands of families will have to flee. The organization was already concerned about the “life and well-being” of 7.5 million Ukrainian children. In total, at least two million people have now left the country.

war crime

A children’s hospital in the besieged port city of Mariupol was badly damaged yesterday. Ukrainian officials say the destruction was caused by Russian airstrikes. The regional governor spoke of 17 injured, including working women.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said the bombing is “the ultimate proof of genocide”. It describes it as a “war crime” and demands tougher sanctions from the West against Russia.

British Prime Minister Johnson also reacted with dismay to the attack, saying he wanted to provide more military support to Ukraine:

The UN has previously said that doctors and hospitals should “never, never” be targeted.

Russia has not yet responded. According to the French news agency AFP, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not denied the attack on the children’s hospital. A spokesman said Ukrainian army units use the hospital as a base.

Emergency services rescued the injured, including pregnant women, from the collapsed building:

Source: NOS