Three people were killed in an Israeli attack: News Updates

Three people were killed in an Israeli attack: News Updates

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The surge in terrorist attacks in Israel, the deadliest wave of violence since 2016, has been compounded by Palestinian parties and militant groups as a logical consequence of the 55-year Israeli occupation of the West Bank, which is strengthening Israeli control over sensitive religious areas. Jerusalem and some key Arab leaders are waning their allegiance to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

However, the differing origins of the attackers have left Palestinian and Israeli analysts and officials uncertain about the relationship between the attacks, the attackers’ motives and the timing of the attacks.

Before the attack in Greece on Thursday, there were several attacks on Israeli cities involving Arab attackers, which killed 14 people, including two Arab and two Ukrainian police officers. But aside from their deadly ending, the episodes don’t easily fit into a story.

The two most recent attacks on Tel Aviv and Bnei Brock came from the Palestinian-occupied West Bank. Though praised by several Palestinian movements, no group has officially claimed responsibility for them.

The two previous attacks were carried out by three members of Israel’s Arab minority who were sympathizers of the Islamic State, an extremist group with no ties to the Palestinian National Movement and which, perhaps opportunistically, claimed responsibility for the incident but not for the others. .

While the deadly aftermath of the initial attack on March 22 may have inspired others to do the same, a senior Israeli official said there is no evidence that any of them were planned by a large Palestinian group, let alone within the same network. † † Analysts also noted that in the first two incidents, the attackers had no ideological ties to the latter two.

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