Appreciation and criticism for the commemoration of the victims of the Indonesian colonial war –

Appreciation and criticism for the commemoration of the victims of the Indonesian colonial war –

Not everyone will have noticed, but yesterday’s national memorial service in Amsterdam was different from previous years in an important way. For the first time, victims were mentioned, including Indonesian women who were killed or killed in Indonesia between 1945 and 1949 during the Dutch colonial war.

Just like last year, the master of ceremonies said at the ceremony on Dam Square: “II. But the victims of the colonial war in Indonesia were also openly mentioned during the laying of the wreaths.

“The following wreath is laid for all Asian citizens who have died or have died as a result of resistance, detention, violence of war, exhaustion, famine and forced labor during or immediately after World War II and the colonial war in Indonesia.” On behalf of the National Committee 4 and 5 May, master of ceremonies Jos Coumans.

“It is meant to commemorate all the victims”

Today, most Indian community organizations express their satisfaction at the commemoration of this group of victims on May 4. Vivian Boon, editor of Moesson for Indies Dutch, said: “I noticed they were talking about the colonial war. I also thought: hey, this is new,” she says. “Once he was appointed, this fight is considered to have happened,” Boon said.

“World War II ended for Indian society on August 15, not May 5, and after that there were many casualties in the colonial war.”

Yvonne van Genugten of the Indies Memorial Center is also positive. “This is part of the commemoration of all victims, and this is it. A moment to remember.”

Rocky Tuhuteru of the Pelita Welfare Foundation for Indonesias says this is “a very positive development. war of decolonization It is also commemorated”, but also believes that more attention should be paid to the millions of indigenous victims of the Japanese occupation. “It would be greatly appreciated if they were also mentioned, even if only in one sentence. They have been forgotten.”

The Dutch East India Federation states on its website that it is against the regulation. The organization does not agree that the Indonesian victims of the colonial war should also be commemorated. “With this change, the dead on the then enemy side, including Indonesian war criminals, will also be included in the commemoration.”

Source: NOS