Maximo Kirchner presents salaries and pensions projects to MPs and official Senate Interblock

Maximo Kirchner presents salaries and pensions projects to MPs and official Senate Interblock

Maximo Kirchner in the House of Representatives and the ruling Interblock in the Senate are initiatives to improve salaries and change the pension system.

Maximo Kirchner with Jaski, one of the MPs who accompanied him on the project
Maximo Kirchner with Jaski, one of the MPs who accompanied him on the project

Kirchnerism is moving forward with two initiatives that address the agenda of President Alberto Fernandez and his economy minister, Martin Guzman. On the one hand, MP Maximo Kirchner Demands that the government pay for all planned increases throughout the year in August Minimum wage, vital and mobile, Which is used in conjunction with other tasks as a basis for calculating unemployment plans and insurance premiums. Head Campora Presented the idea Chamber of Deputies In order to expedite the amount. Kirchner’s project is part of his sector’s claim to distribute resources into the pockets of the population.

At the same time, Frente de Todos will hold a press conference in the Senate, where, as expected, the Interblock will present another text on retirement, which is a sensitive issue for both the government and the opposition. The tweezers movement seems to be motivated by Minister Guzman and, in particular, President Alberto Fernandez.

“The project allows the 45% increase planned by the salary council in March to be accounted for in August and not in January 2023.Reported in a statement to La Cámpora. The amount to be collected will be $ 47,850.

The MPs who accompanied Kirchner in the presentation are Vanessa Sill. Hugo YaskiMaria Rosa Martinez, Sergio Palazzo, Claudia Ormachea, Carlos Ponce, Natalia Zaracho, Federico Fagioli, Veronica Caliva, Pablo Caro, Carlos Cisneros and Juan Carlos Alderete. The list of signatories includes campers, trade unionists and representatives of social movements such as CTEP (by Juan Graboi).

The projects mark the escalation of internal tensions in Frente de Todos. This week, Andres “Cuervo” LaRoche, one of the most prominent faces of La Campora, came out against Alberto Fernandez. “And if the government is ours,” he said in an interview with Maria O’Donnell, when asked by a journalist why they would not leave their positions at Anses and other positions if they were unhappy. On the same note, LaRoche questioned economic policy and pointed directly to the ministers of labor and production, Guzman, Matthias Kulpas, and Claudio Moroni.

In most cases, the legitimacy and strength of Fernandez’s management has been called into question, as have the decisions made by the Minister of Economy. Martin Guzman. Among the main questions was a question asked by a member of La Cámpora and the Minister for Community Development. Andres Laroc.

Vice President Christina Kirchner, who will speak at the event this Friday, wrote another critique on the networks: “It may have been legitimate in origin, but not in management.”

In an act in La Pampa, the president responded: “The government is not mine. I am not the owner of the government. No one is. “ For his part, the representative of the economic portfolio ratified the course while participating in the Inter-American Council on Trade and Production (CICyP): “We are convinced that this is the right way to calm the economy.

Christina moving forward

The day before Maxim, Christina Kirchner spoke in the same direction. “Congratulations, Matthew Palazzo!” He exclaimed yesterday.Vice President’s Twitter account regarding payroll negotiations. The head of the bank is mentioned in the message, Sergio PalazzoWhich received a 60% increase in its union parity, or more than the inflation calculated by the government.

According to the announcement, Frente de Todos interbloc in the Senate will present a bill on pension issues tomorrow at 10 p.m. According to party sources, they will attend Jose Mayans, Juliana Di Tulio, Annabelle Fernandez Sagast, Mariano Recalde And other senators in the upper house of Ilia’s room.

Source: La Nacion