Javelin Missiles: An Icon of Western Military Aid to Ukraine

Javelin Missiles: An Icon of Western Military Aid to Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier fired an anti-tank missile at Javelin on February 18, just days before the Russian invasion. Operation Joint Forces of Ukraine (REUTERS)

In the early days of the Russian war against Ukraine, few believed that Kiev’s military capabilities would last more than a few days. But that idea faded when Russia’s strategic failings in attacking the capital became apparent, and Ukrainian zeal and prudence seemed to stop it. Western weapons played a vital role in deterring aggression, especially anti-tank missiles. The one that has become a symbol and a symbol of resistance is the American-made Javelin. This wearable model has become so popular that it even has a meme with a virgin on the shoulder and the motto “St. Javelin” and there are already Ukrainian newborns called Javelins.

Ukraine received about 5,500 units of this type of missile from the United States, which can destroy a tank at a distance of four kilometers. On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden praised the strength of the country’s arms industry during a visit to one of the factories that make the Javelin, where he told a children’s anecdote called Shell and urged Congress to reconsider €31 billion to be taken on. , which he asked for a week ago. “The Javelins are a symbol of US military support for their allies, as they did with the Syrian rebels or now Ukraine,” said Johann Michel, an analyst at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in Berlin.

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Its features played a key role in thwarting the kind of attack Moscow had planned around Kiev in late February and early March. “This is a very capable weapon, designed to attack the turret from above, which is usually the least protected area of ​​a tank,” he said. Peace (SIPRI, in English). In addition, the special shape of Russian tanks, which is vulnerable. “In this case, efficiency increases because they store ammunition in or under the turret with very little protection, unlike European or American tanks, which protect it better,” he said. As a result, when a missile hits, it detonates an ammunition depot, “that’s why you see so many turreted tanks destroyed,” he says.

In the early days, what was intended to be a swift, far-reaching Russian attack on the capital turned into images of long, heavy rows of tanks blocked on roads, subjected to Ukrainian fire and without encrypted communications, which were disrupted by the defenders. It was then, against the background of Russian errors, that the Javelin received attention for its effectiveness. “This anti-tank missile has a system that requires no leadership to reach its target. [se llama dispara y olvídate]“Unlike the elderly,” explains Weseman, making it easier for the shooter to take cover after the shot. Furthermore, according to the analyst, the Ukrainians use the Javelin “in a flexible way, with many ambushes against the enemy, who seems to continue to use the tactics of the past with multiple armor in huge formations.

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Draw the second phase of the war, a similar strategy

Western countries are increasing the number of weapons and capabilities in Ukraine to help Ukraine organize its defence. The United States alone sent about $3,400 million worth of security items (about $3,023 million), containing a variety of systems and ammunition, according to Reuters, while the EU invested $1,500 million. This includes training in its use. The Javelins need some training, and the advantage to Ukraine is that, as Wesseman explains, they received these missiles as early as 2018 and have had “US-trained” personnel ever since.

Russia is now concentrating its forces in eastern and southern Ukraine, where progress has been slow, after heavy casualties were sent through the suburbs of Kiev, where the Russian military has carried out mass killings of civilians, which the EU is investigating as war crimes. In recent days, Moscow has launched missiles on the railway to stop the flow of weapons supplied by Western countries, which the Kremlin has targeted the Kremlin and which have expressed unease with the United States, with imminent “unintended consequences”.

Members of the Ukrainian Special Forces armed with darts went to the front in Irpin, a suburb of Kiev in Luis de Vega last March.

In this second phase of the war, in the attack on the Donbas region, anti-tank missiles will also be important. “However, if Ukraine wants to keep the territories and counterattack away from guerrilla warfare, as we had hoped, it will need not only anti-tank systems, but also anti-aircraft defenses, by the way,” explains Michel. For analyst Weseman, the Javelins will continue to be effective, as the Russians not only use the same type of tank, with a design that makes them vulnerable, but they use them exactly as they did at the start of the war. “There is no time to develop or produce new types of tanks or defenses that can be added to them,” he said. “Russia continues to operate essentially the way it did in the first few weeks, and they are still clashing with the new Javelins, led by Ukrainian forces, who know they have a profitable weapon that will give them more units.”

Ukrainians demand more guns and more darts. Mark F., an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. According to Kansian’s calculations, the United States shipped about a third of the warehouse (it doesn’t publish all inventory). † That has led some experts to figure out how much is left for the US. In mid-April, Cancian responds in an article titled “Will American Javelins expire before Russia runs out of tanks?” – It takes 32 months to make them. Added to this is the crisis of semiconductors needed for this kind of technology and the fact that more countries are being rearmed, which together could delay the arrival of the necessary darts in Ukraine. To avoid that possibility, Biden announced at the Missile Factory that much of the new aid he is requesting from Congress will consist of replacing material that has already been shipped.

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