New Zealanders have to make way for water due to rapidly rising sea levels

New Zealanders have to make way for water due to rapidly rising sea levels

Sea levels are rising twice as fast in parts of New Zealand as expected. This is apparent from new large-scale research over the past five years involving dozens of local and international scientists. The capital Wellington and Auckland, the country’s two largest cities, are regularly at risk of flooding from 2040.

Researchers from the government-funded NZ SeaRise project say the estimates are “pretty grim”. The research program has produced an interactive map showing the prospects and consequences of sea level rise.

In some areas there is already an increase of up to 30 centimeters in the next fifteen to eighteen years. This means that floods that normally occur every 100 years could soon happen every year and flood large areas of the country.

“Make way for the water”

It was initially thought that they would have until 2060 to prepare for this, but the urgency is much greater. Rod Carr, New Zealand’s Commissioner for Climate Change, told radio station RNZ that the investigation shows the need for immediate action. “We need to look at every decision about where to build through the lens of climate change,” he said.

He emphasizes that New Zealanders must make way for water. “We cannot protect or repair all buildings and infrastructure from water after a flood.”

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Source: NOS