The Netherlands needs guest workers again (column)

The Netherlands needs guest workers again (column)

The Netherlands is currently struggling with a serious labor shortage. Schiphol can no longer handle the passengers due to a serious shortage of ground staff. The hospitality industry needs employees; I even hear rumors that companies have to close their doors several days a week because they can’t find staff. According to figures from the UWV, more and more industries are experiencing a shortage on the labor market. In addition to the well-known shortage of mechanics and nurses, there is now also a shortage of gardeners.

It seems we need foreign workers like my grandfather again. The shortage on the labor market extends further than just the Netherlands: de Volkskrant wrote last week that the European Commission wants to invite labor migrants from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco before the end of next year. History repeats itself out of necessity.

What advice can I give my children while I wait? For their financial security, they have to earn a lot of money later on. And I don’t care if they earn it as a plumber or a hairdresser. At least they don’t have to go to university with me. I’m going to break the chain called guest worker syndrome.

Source: RTL