Olivier (12) builds cardboard Lamborghini: “I want a real one soon”

Olivier (12) builds cardboard Lamborghini: “I want a real one soon”

“It’s actually pretty cool,” Olivier tells EditieNL about his work. He started his project last summer. “I didn’t have much to do and I also saw a video of someone doing something like that. I thought I could come here all the way to New Zealand.”

And that’s how it worked. In any case, the choice for the type of car was made quickly. Lamborghini is one of his favorite car brands. “They are beautiful and they are also fast. Later, when I have enough money, I want to buy one myself.” But it was also a strategic choice: “The car has a lot of square shapes and straight lines. It is easier to make with cardboard than with completely round shapes.

a lot of cardboard

Before I could actually start building with cardboard, the necessary building plans had to be printed and enlarged. Olivier: “After that I ordered corrugated cardboard. I could cut, fold and glue it,” he explains. He started with the nose of the car and this is also his favorite part. “I also like real Lamborghinis and I think it worked really well for me.”

Olivier assumes that a total of about 45 of these corrugated boxes have passed. “And they’re half a meter by a meter, so that’s really a lot.” He assembled the car himself with so much cardboard. Only my dad and grandpa had to grab something to cling to every now and then. “Otherwise it wouldn’t happen.”

six hundred euros

The wheels of the car do not roll, so driving becomes difficult. That’s why Olivier decided to auction it on Instagram. “I like it and maybe I’ll stop, but at some point I just don’t do it anymore. It is more fun to sell the car to someone who has a nice place for it.”

And with that he could earn a nice pocket money: the highest bid so far is six hundred euros. “It’s okay to save this money. Maybe to make another cardboard car like that.”

Source: RTL