Today maybe four new ‘master bakers’: ‘It doesn’t go any further than that’ –

Today maybe four new ‘master bakers’: ‘It doesn’t go any further than that’ –

Aspiring masters have to demonstrate classical techniques, often from France, before a jury, but also have to show an innovative side. To challenge the Master Baker candidates, they were given a “mystery box” containing previously unknown ingredients for the last day.

Confectioners are on a surprise mission to make melon and crayfish millefeuille. De Brabander: “It is difficult to do, but it is certainly under time pressure. They can give it their own interpretation, but melons and crayfish should really be the heroes of the dish.”

No Cash Rewards

There is no prize money attached to the title, but it does have a lot of prestige. Bakers buy a baker’s coat (jacket) with an M on it and according to De Brabander that is the highest price you can get. Can bakers increase the number of pastries if they earn the title Master? De Brabander: “Yes, they can ask for more, but personally I think that is of minor importance.” According to him, it is especially important for Masters to be ambassadors for their profession.

Meester Patissiers and Meester Boulangers cannot achieve a higher title in the Netherlands. However, they can participate in prestigious international competitions, where there are no permanent titles, but there are prizes to be won. De Brabander: “If we look at these competitions, we are in good shape internationally. We have won great awards in the bakery sector.”

Next year, Dutch bakers will once again show their talents on a large stage. For example, Maître Boulanger Hiljo Hillebrand will be in the final of the prestigious Best of Mondial du Pain in Japan on 1 March with Renske Huyben.

Bee The whole of the Netherlands watched Each week a master baker is determined who performed the best that week. However, De Brabander does not think that this title can easily be confused with that of Meester Patissier or Meester Boulanger. “I know how it’s said there, and I think people can tell the difference. When someone tries their best, it’s good to give it a name.”

Source: NOS