Warning for more expensive food due to spring drought –

Because of the war in Ukraine, very little grain comes from that country and Russia, when normally about a third of the world’s production comes from here. That is why so much grain has been planted, but due to the drought, the seeds do not germinate, says Scheepers. This worries him: “If they don’t start growing now, we’ll have much less grain in the Netherlands. And throughout Europe, because drought is quite common.

No precipitation is expected in the coming weeks.

The Brabantse Delta water board decided yesterday that parts of Brabant may no longer be irrigated with water from ditches, streams or canals. Due to the drought, the water board has introduced so-called withdrawal bans.

According to the KNMI precipitation monitor, the average precipitation deficit is currently around 60 millimeters. That is why this year is one of the driest since the measurements started in 1906. No precipitation is expected for the next two weeks, which means that the precipitation deficit could rise to 90 millimeters.

Precipitation shortage this year so far:

Source: NOS