Suspect of multiple crimes committed by men in Spain surrenders to police

The young suspect kill several men in the city of Bilbao (north), after contacting them via a dating network between homosexuals, he surrendered this Thursday to the regional police of the Basque Country (Ertzaintza), who arrested him, sources of this police reported to Efe.

The detainee, Nelson David MB, 25 years old and born in Colombia, was wanted on suspicion of killing eight men, whom he allegedly knew through a network of contacts.

Security sources indicated that the suspect told the ertzainas that he had turned himself in with the intention of collaborating with the Police officer after seeing on television that he was wanted, and after being arrested, he denied being the author of the acts of which he was accused.

He had a warrant for his arrest. court of Bilbao and both the Basque police and the rest of the State Security Forces had been looking for him for days.

Source: El heraldo