Gaps in driving behavior of truck driver who killed cop –

Gaps in driving behavior of truck driver who killed cop –

The police did not approach truck driver Edwin M. de Melissat, who shot and killed a motorcycle cop last July. This is apparent from an investigation by a committee chaired by former National Traffic Officer Koos Spee. One of the criticisms was the lack of a coordinated approach from M., who is known for being aggressive and unpredictable in traffic.

On 7 July last year, 47-year-old motorcycle officer Arno de Korte arrested M. in his truck in Rotterdam for inspection. He beat the cop and dragged him hundreds of yards. De Korte died on the spot. Later that day, M. was arrested. He has since been detained on suspicion of murder and/or manslaughter. According to the Public Prosecution Service, M. has been harboring a ‘resentment’ against the police for some time.

In the years prior to the fatal accident, M. was regularly off the field, partly due to the structural overload of his truck. During one of these checks in 2015, he ran into a police officer on a motorcycle and lost his arm. In another incident, in 2020, a woman from Rockanje was killed when M. beat her.

After De Korte’s death, the police leadership asked the Spee Committee to conduct an investigation. Among other things, it had to be investigated how the police dealt with all information and signals relating to the driving behavior of the Melissant truck driver.

50% overload

For the investigation, the committee investigated all cases in which M. also conducted interviews with approximately 15 police officers, including the motorcycle police officer who was shot dead in 2015.

An image of an “unpredictable and verbally aggressive driver” emerged, the researchers said. Edwin M. and his brother, who is also a truck driver, regularly drove overloaded trucks with 40% to 50% more cargo than allowed. They stated that they would remain on the road despite a fine with overloaded vehicles.

According to the committee, all checks and reports were “treated very separately”, so that the police did not have a complete overview of all incidents where Edwin M. was checked. As a result, there was no investigation into his mental state.

call for restraint

Internal communication within the police was also not good and the approach was not coordinated. In addition, information has not been shared or is insufficiently shared with the public prosecutor, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate. The two reports sent to the CBR to re-examine Bay’s driving ability do not appear to have been properly forwarded.

By the way, after the crash of 2015, the traffic police was ordered by the administration to act “reluctantly” and M. It was not the intention to derail the case that was going on at the time. The Spee Commission understands this sentiment, but the call meant that most officers at the time preferred to have Mr.

“Learn Lessons”

In general, the committee recommends paying more attention to the control of overloaded trucks. According to the committee, more attention should also be paid to the mental health of truck drivers.

The family of the late Arno de Korte was informed this morning of the outcome of the investigation. The management of the police also regrets that M. appeared not to have been treated properly. Police chief Van Essen said he would like to learn from the findings of the report.

Source: NOS