Fear of war in Ukraine, how do you solve it? †

Fear of war in Ukraine, how do you solve it?  †

Mental health care organizations such as MIND are also busy. An inventory is made there of the topics discussed in the discussions. Director Vincent Vis says the war in Ukraine is number 1 in the top 5. By the way, are they all good? – a helpline for young adults – with more questions.

Not only adults, but also children are afraid. Kindertelefoon sees a sharp increase in the number of conversations about world news. Before this war there were two calls a day, now there are forty. “It makes children very restless,” explains Roline de Wilde, director of Kindertelefoon. “His fears are to fight nuclear weapons and to shift the war to the Netherlands.”

How to deal with fear of war?

According to De Wilde, children in particular need reassurance and explanation. She advises parents to think for themselves first about what they think of the war. Children often experience this more than you might think. Then it is good to ask what your child encounters and what he needs. De Wilde asked: “Does he want additional information? So we set out to investigate together.”

There may also be less need for information. According to trauma psychologist De Jong, watching the news or watching less violent images at a time like this is good for people of all ages.

Source: NOS