Rodrigo Chaves is officially the new president of Costa Rica

The new president of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chavezconfirmed in his inaugural address this Sunday that his government has been called upon to create “a” historical changeand pointed to a range of challenges his country faces, such as poverty and unemployment.

“The moment we live in is crucial. We are the ones called to make a historic change. That call is made with the power of the voice of the people who demanded from the polls a huge obligation to the whole political class of the country, which also includes the three powers of the republic,” said Chaves.

The president, who begins his four-year term this Sunday, denied that the country is ungovernable and that it is urgent “to make the decisions that are necessary, no matter how complex or controversial they are.”

“The change the country is demanding is not about an ambition or a personal project, but about the… salvation of democracy and that binds all of us Costa Ricans,” he said.

Source: El heraldo