Facebook and Instagram allow hate speech against Putin

Facebook and Instagram allow hate speech against Putin

In a press release, company spokesman Andy Stone explained that the exceptions may be temporary for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and not include “credible” threats to kill Russian civilians.

However, Meta allows death calls from Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, from Ukraine, Poland and Russia itself.

In normal times, all these posts are banned from the company’s platforms and censored by social media as it violates community norms that prohibit incitement to violence or hate posts.

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The Russian government last week blocked Facebook in the country in response to Moscow’s restrictions on the company’s pro-Russian media.

The Russian embassy in the United States on Twitter on Friday urged US authorities to stop “extremist activities” on Meta and take steps to bring those responsible to justice.

“Facebook and Instagram users have not given the owners of these platforms the right to determine the criteria of truth and pit certain countries against each other,” the embassy said.

Source: Ulti Mahora