Gabriel Boric takes a picture full of symbolism –

Gabriel Boric takes a picture full of symbolism –

On other occasions, Boric, a symbol politician, took the photo not in front of the official facade of the residence, but in the garden, with a group of leafy trees, wishing to emphasize his dedication to this photo. ecology and environmental protection.

Before the official photo, the future president got another one with regional governors, both for his commitment to the decentralization of the country and for the late arrival of his two ministers in Cerro Castillo, stuck in traffic.

Two details, but the photo shows the new times coming to Chile: while the ministers all chose a color gamut close to purple or mauve, a symbol of feminist struggle, only three members of the cabinet outfitted themselves with ties.

In addition, two photos were taken, something unprecedented in eight other shifts in command in Chile since the end of the dictatorship: one with a naked face, the other with a mask that the Covid-19 pandemic has continued for two years.

Source: Ulti Mahora