Each of the security zones must urgently receive 1000 Ukrainians –

Each of the security zones must urgently receive 1000 Ukrainians –

25 Dutch security zones urgently need to find thousands of shelters for Ukrainian refugees. Within two weeks, at least a thousand places must be available per safety zone. These places must be determined within five days.

The cabinet wants space for 2,000 people at the end of each safety zone. In the Rotterdam-Rijnmond safety zone, the municipality of Rotterdam provides half, that is a thousand places. The city hired two river cruise ships to house the refugees. Looking for other places to stay.

The Netherlands is preparing for the arrival of a large group of refugees from Ukraine. The UN refugee agency UNHCR estimates that more than one million Ukrainians were displaced as of March 3. The estimated number is increasing sharply every day. In total, three to seven million people are considered.

The first refugees arrived

The municipality says that there are so far 200 childcare places in Amsterdam and that at least 200 more will be added in the short term. There are also 800 places in a barracks near Harskamp in Gelderland. The police send everyone who arrives at Schiphol or who is at the border to these places. Confronted with Ukrainian refugees, municipalities must provide shelter for these people.

The municipality of Groningen has found a place for 230 people in Hotel Nescio in Haren. Until recently, it was used as a corona hotel by the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). Places for 500 extra people have been found in four other municipalities in the Groningen safety zone. The goal is to find places that offer as much privacy as possible, so that there are no gyms.

In Waddinxveen, the first municipal shelter opened last night for 50 Ukrainians gathered here by municipal workers. There they stay in a gym and can stay there for a week. The refugees have been taken in by Waddinxveners with ties to the recently bombed Ukrainian village of Reya. Looking for a place where Ukrainians can stay longer.

Ukrainian refugees reached Waddinxveen:

Source: NOS